Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 1 year as an Expat!

June 30th marks our official 1 year anniversary of becoming an Expat in Germany!!!!!

I can't even believe that we have been here for one year. It seems like just yesterday, I wondered why one had to pay for shopping carts here (answer: you don't have to pay) & the first item on the list of what to bring for preschool was Hausschuhe. Yet here we are, alive and well!

Baby Bird arriving at the Berlin airport

Signs I have integrated:
  • I actually find myself choosing mineral water over still water sometimes (Yikes! Never thought I would say that!)
  • I ride my bike with a skirt on. (I know but I have stopped worrying about it)
  • I don't switch my knife into the other hand when I eat anymore. In fact, this is a much more efficient way to eat and I am not sure I can ever switch again!
  • I try to go to the grocery store every Monday morning before all of the sale stuff is gone!
  • I don't translate the German into English in my head anymore.
Signs I have not Integrated
  • I still miss Gatorade (sigh)
  • The "dress code" at my son's preschool is still completely a mystery to me. Do the German parents get together and put a schedule together of how to dress their kid in the same type of clothing? i.e. Sandals, Snow pants, etc...This isn't just about the weather you skeptical folks out there...
  • I get goosebumps when I see an familiar product in a store i.e. Cheddar Cheese, Oreos (I didn't even really like Oreos before!) etc...(not Obama Fingers though!)
Some of my favorite posts from the past year:

I also wanted to thank those in the expat community around me for being so supportive & helpful. We have truly been moochers of hospitality this past year and without all of you, I would still be saying "Das ist alles" after giving tips to the servers and wondering where the cocoa powder is (next to the coffee). Your blogs and your comments are all much appreciated!

A few shout-outs:

Snooker in Berlin
- What can I say about every golden orb of wisdom that you have given me?

Cliff & Sarah - for teaching me what Schatten means. I can't believe how often it has come up in conversation! :)

Mausi - Your tips have helped me keep my sanity!

Christina at Amiexpat - Your ideas keep me going! Thank you so much for everything and the Scientist wants me to thank you for the yummy recipe translations!

CN Heidelberg- I scoured your website (and still do) for tips, interesting experiences and your witty humor.

- What would we have done without your my own city?!?!?!

Ian - we share more than just stolen bicycles and the few moments I talked to you at WeBUM last year stuck out in my mind.

Capn K, Mom, and family - We wouldn't be able to do this without your help and support.

To all of my readers, non-bloggy friends and all others that I am probably forgetting... Danke Schön!

June 2009 - in front of the Reichstag or German Parliament Building


Adam said...

You've certainly had an interesting first year in Germany. I need to go back and read the posts that I missed.

I hope you have a Happy Fourth of July.

cliff1976 said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out.

If you need more words, come get 'em direct from our source — Regensburg.

J said...

Congrats on surviving one year.

Happy Independence Day too!

christina said...

Awww, thanks! We missed you guys today - it turned out to be a VERY mini meet-up but we still had fun and we'll organize a northern things some time again.

Happy 4th of July!

lettershometoyou said...

You guys look great together. :)

BTW, what is it with Americans and the knife-switch at dinner? When I was growing up they used to tell a story - perhaps just a story - of how an American spy was outed that way.

Claire said...


Baby Birds' suitcase is so cute ;-)