Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home from München

Home from München...I didn't eat doughy Pretzels, obatzda, Weißwurst (take the skin off!) and 1L beer for breakfast this morning but I am still glad to be home.

We saw the "Tower of Dancing Robots" (according to BB) aka Glockenspiel.

Drank beer at the Chineschiser Turm (well, the better question is "Where didn't we drink beer?)

The wedding was wonderful and beautiful albeit a little rainy.

Baby Bird wore Tracht for the wedding.

There will be more blogging to be done but I will have to stay awake longer than 21:00 to get it done! (That is 9pm for you US people!)

Baby Bird's kita is closed for 2 weeks right now (no blogging during the day for me!) and we leave on Saturday to meet my parents in the UK with no Internet access so I will otherwise will see you in August!


Tricia said...

Your son could not be any cuter. I found your blog thru Sarah Akemann, and am an LHS grad who also went to Deutschland with Herr Suitts as well, so I love reading about your life there! Thanks for sharing!

KaylaGrieco said...

Baby Bird is adorable!!!!! Oh my goodness. Kimber and I have been waiting for a picture of him in lederhosen. We miss you guys SOOO much!