Monday, July 13, 2009

More science about Bilingual Children

I have always heard that bilingual children will be able to pick up additional languages when they are older but now there is more science to back this claim up.

Even though we both speak English at home, Baby Bird is learning & speaking exclusively German at his kita or preschool. So, while he in not a true bilingual kid, I am sure this somewhat still applies to him.


So Smrt said...

Hi! I am hoping you can help me with a technical glitch...I signed up to follow your blog, but the first time it didn't work right. Now I'm in there twice and I can't remove the "bad" me from your list! Can you kick me out? It's the So SMRT with no picture. Thanks, Meg

Margaret said...

Excellent for him to have the opportunity to speak two languages! He'll be better for it! Sehr gut.