Thursday, August 27, 2009

Funny Foto Freitag

One thing that my I didn't-know-I-was-prudish American self had to get used to seeing was the frequency of nekkid sunbathers on sunny days, usually around lakes and in parks.

However, during my sister's visit last week, we visited a cemetery that had a remnant of the Berlin Wall.

What does this have to do with (almost) naked sunbathers?

Yes, those are headstones (Grabstein) around him.

Bring out 'yer dead!

As usual, if you want to play along, please leave leave a comment for me in the comment section.

  1. You are first!


lettershometoyou said...

Officially, you're supposed to use fig if it's a leaf. :)

Yelli said...

@letters - I will remember that next time (but I am definitely hoping there will not be a next time) :)