Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And you thought the US campaigns were bad?

Speaking of poor taste in political ads, this ad is currently being run in Berlin by a CDU (Christian Democratic) conservative candidate. It says (roughly translated) "We have more to offer" which is running across a controversial photograph of Angela Merkel from a recent night out at the Opera. (controversial because of the plunging neckline)

original source: SZ online

So I ask, will the Berliners be persuaded by "who has more to offer?" Stay tuned until Sept. 27th when voters will decide which breasts candidates are better.


sarah1976 said...

This would be hugely surprising from the standpoint of the American 'conservative.'

I actually love this ad, because I think it's cheeky (at most) on a couple of different levels. First, it presents two older, accomplished, powerful women as having sexual identity and physical charms - that doesn't happen very often. Remember the flap about HRC wearing a low-cut top to a session of the Senate on a witheringly hot D.C. day?

Next, as calculated an ad as it is, it doesn't rob these women of their sexuality to appeal to male voters. Indeed, it goes the opposite direction.

And you have to take into account the different standards of appropriate dress in Germany. If I saw a woman of Lengsfeld's age wearing a top like that in the street, I wouldn't be surprised. But if I saw it on the same woman in the U.S., I might.

And as an aside, I think the Bundeskanzlerin looks great in that low-cut opera number. Much better than the dumptastic pantsuits she normally wears.

christina said...

I heard that they didn't even ask Angie before using her image so there may be a bit of trouble there.

At least it has that "made you look!" factor. :-)

Geo said...

yeah have to agree with you that it was done in bad taste... did she approve of it?

let's see if works!

thanks for sharing!


Afferent Input said...

New CDU motto:

"Wir haben die Kraft für Stärke Familie mit unsere Milchtüten."

They get my vote!