Friday, September 11, 2009

And the time is right and I decide to weigh in...

I know today is Funny Foto Freitag but I am not feeling so funny today.

I haven't blogged in awhile due to many things. I recently got a job which has been wonderful. It is stressful to figure out everything at first, especially because most information is in German but I am chugging through it. I have really enjoyed getting to know Germans in another light; the work environment. This is another 100 blog posts in itself.

We have also been dealing with a medical issue in our close family. I don't usually like getting so personal in my blog but I feel I have to weigh in. Stop reading now if you don't want me to get political.

This said person, I will call this said person A for "Any American", is sick. A had a job but lost the job eventually because A was sick and unable to work. Yes, A was on disability for awhile but it runs out and A did not get better. Medicaid & Medicare can take a long time to qualify for, in this case, almost 2 years with 1 year being a "waiting period." (WTF?!?!) That is 2 years of being very sick without insurance. That is 2 years of being so sick that it is too difficult to fill out pages and pages of paperwork and tell relatives where papers like the old heating bills might be. Guess who takes care and pays for everything?

I don't want to get into the details (you can ask specifics if you would like) but this is a real story.

A could be anyone's parent, child, grandparent, sister, brother, etc...I would have NEVER thought that this could happen to someone until it happened. to us. and it SUCKS.

Don't get me wrong. I would do anything to help A and we have. But we do it from far away and it required everyone in the family to pull together their resources and time and devote all attention to this matter.

I keep wondering though, about what would have happened to A if family was not able to step in and help manage everything?

A would have surely lost her housing. A, a kind and giving person but sick with a common illness, would have been homeless. {shiver}

Americans deserve better. Fight for progressive health care change. I don't have the energy right now to go over all of the details but luckily for me, more articulate people than I have already discussed it.

If you want more stats and information, see (and make sure you read the comments):

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Heck, even Keifer Sutherland has weighed in with some surprising statistics (he is a Canadian and grandson of a health care reformer from Canada) It is only 30 sec. You have time to watch it.

If you do decide to leave a comment, I just ask that you be respectful. This isn't easy for me to write about and any crazy derogatory comment will just look bad for your cause anyways. I am happy to dig up any stats to defend my case because like most things in my life: I make opinions based on research. You are forewarned. :)


C N Heidelberg said...

I'm so sorry A is going through this. I worry a lot about my family too, although nothing like this has happened yet. It could at any time. I wish it would be easy for us to stay here and away from that disaster. I hope it is fixed soon.

headbang8 said...

Stories like yours make me despair for America. How can this happen in a civilized country? Or does it give lie to the calim of being a civilized country?

Neil at Citizen of the Month is collecting stories of American healthcare. Yours sounds like a story that needs to be told. Visit him, Yelli. It's

Snooker said...

How sad for A and the troubles of all Americans facing such a useless, stupid battle. I hope that things get better for her.

I myself have two brothers facing this type of situation. One lost his real job in the crappy economy and is now working part time with no health benefits, the other barely eeking out a living as self-employed and not able to afford health insurance. The kicker to me, both are quite willing to jump into the "don't change our health care world" craziness.

Claire said...

Just after I finally blogged for FFF, I arrived here and read your blog. On the one hand it feels a bit inappropriate right now, on the other hand it might make you smile.

This story makes the oh-so-wonderful US of A sound like a third world country yet again..

Amber Liddle said...

My mom has gone through something similar--she got breast cancer while she was in the process of divorcing the provider for her insurance. After the divorce she couldn't get health care because Medicare would only cover if one of "their" doctors had diagnosed her. She was homeless and jobless and couldn't receive any medical care but was still denied any government assistance because she was single with no dependents. Like you, she luckily has family to help out, but what if she didn't?? It makes me so upset that people with great health insurance are making the decisions for those without, and it's a political game. For me, and for you, it's a personal hell, not a political issue. I hope A does well, good luck!

sarah1976 said...

I'm sorry your whole family is being pulled into this struggle. Here's to hoping for some relief and recovery for A.

Yelli said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I really appreciate them. I do wonder how this can possibly happen to anyone much less in the US AND that their are lots of other people out there with the same issues?!?!? EGADS!

@CN- thanks but unfortunately, A can not get better. However, under a regular Dr's care, A still has some quality of life left.

@headbang - I followed up with him. Hopefully he can use my story to bring this issue to light (as if it needs any more light)

Yelli said...

@Snooker- Sorry to hear about your bros! It makes it that much more ridiculous to hear that people that need it the most will vote against it!

@ Claire - It did make me smile. THANK YOU!

@Amber- I am really sorry to hear about your Mom but am also glad you are there for her. There is so much ridiculous redtape & loopholes, you & I could probably write a 1,000 page book on it!

Yelli said...

@sarah- thanks for your comment. I really do appreciate it.