Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Controversial Aids ad in Germany

I don't even know where to begin with this. It definitely catches your attention but then again mixing Aids and Hitler is a surefire way to create controversy.

You can see the video below. The actual commercial starts at 0.36 and ends at 0.58min. (I couldn't find it anywhere else but on a Young Turks episode.)

Original Source from Time.

You have been warned. Watch at your own risk.


Snooker said...

It surprised me that this is a German group. I know there are laws about display of the Swastika, are there no laws about using the likeness of this asshole?

As far as how it makes me feel. The purpose of the series of ads was to shake things up again and to curb the growing percentage of people having unprotected sex. No matter how you feel about what they've done, there can be no doubt that they've gotten attention.

sarah1976 said...

I keep hearing people say that this commercial is laying blame at the feet of AIDS and HIV sufferers and I just don't see it. Here's the message I got:

AIDS is bad shit. How bad, you ask? Hitler bad. So be careful, already.

The most shocking part about it to me is the use of Hitler's image in an PSA.