Monday, September 14, 2009


Now that I have this off my chest, back to my regularly scheduled blogging of hilariousness. A friend pointed me to this funny video about Denglish. (Deutsch + English = Denglish)

This will only be funny to you if you meet certain criteria:
  1. you speak German
  2. you speak English
Maybe someone could clue me in kleinweich? I am not sure I get that last little bit.

What if your favorite Denglish word?

Another friend sent me this video. Real uses of English words in Germany! Hilarious!


Martin said...

"und gib, dass Microsoft wieder Kleinweich heißt"

Micro und soft = Klein und weich!


Yelli said...

Thanks Martin! I get it. I was interpreting klein as small. It didn't occur to me small= micro