Monday, September 14, 2009

Unplug Your Kids - Sound

This week's theme was Sound. I found this awesome Sound Memory Game and knew we had to make it.

First, we assembled all of the materials.
Then we took the different "sounds" and put them into 2 cups. For one of our sounds, we used old Deutsche Marks, pfennings, that we found in an abandoned elephant piggybank at work. The colleagues said we could take them.

We then put each "sound" into 2 cups. I didn't take a picture of the next events but let's just say I spent the next few minutes cleaning up oats.

Here is what we ended up with:
  1. paper clips
  2. dried noodles
  3. dried soy beans
  4. oats
  5. pennies

Numbered ListThen we tested them. They sounded too similar!!! The pennies, noodles and paperclips sounded too much alike to us, so we replaced the paper clips with wine corks & added more pennies.

To make the lids, we used 2 shades of colored paper. For older kids, one color is probably more challenging. I found something with a large diameter and traced it.

I traced the plastic cup in the center of the circles so that I had a point of reference in where I should fold.

I then cut slits around the circle in the center.

After I folded the tabs over, I used scotch tape to secure the lids. This worked better than I expected as even Baby Bird shook it as hard as he could, it did not seem to make it move an inch. Baby Bird finished it off by putting matching stickers on matching sound cups. We used Thomas the Tank Engine stickers which made my Thomas-obsessed son even more excited to play.

The finished game!

Is it a match?

A match!

We had a lot of fun playing the game. In fact, the first thing Baby Bird did this morning was ask to play it again (after playing it non-stop for 1 1/2 hours last night). He likes the shaking more than the matching part but... {{shrugs}}

For more projects about sound, please see Unplug Your Kids.


So Smrt said...

OOOHHH. I love your project too! Totally going to do it. I've seen one like this inside little wooden blocks, but never thought of making one.

Yes, it takes that long to flush! What does yours sound like???? :) BTS, I flushed it empty for the recording (in case you were wondering) and felt immediately guilty for wasting water!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

This is awesome! We are going to have to try it too. Thanks.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

this is a good one too!! I love getting ideas from other places

Mom Unplugged said...

Great idea! I'm glad that Baby Bird enjoyed it so much. Isn't it fun when you find something they really love?