Thursday, October 8, 2009

My 1st Oktoberfest

Recently, The Scientist had a work-related event in Regensburg so I tagged along with him. Meanwhile, the Oma and Opa were visiting and insisted they spend some time alone with Baby Bird.

If they insist...

So, we took advantage of free-babysitting and headed south. While there, we hung out with the fabulous Euchre-playing Regensburgers & even lunched with AmiExpat. I can't say enough nice things about either of these fine folks who write just as superbly as they appear in real-life.

We also took a side trip to Wies'n on Saturday night where my Bavarian friends had a table reservation. So, I donned my dirndl and set off to see the spectacle.

Although this is a pretty horrible picture, Oktoberfest is essentially a big giant state fair complete with ferris wheels and silly rides.

The tents are the main attraction though. Only breweries in Bavaria are allowed to host a tent and if I am correct, the tents are the only place one can consume beer. We were in one of the mid-size tents that seats only ~5,000 people.

I can't really remember tell you much about the atmosphere about the tent except that for the most part people were drinking and/or singing. The Germans, at least in this tent, seemed to have a strange fascination with "Country Roads," "Sweet Home Alabama" and a children's song called Das Fliegerleid. Every German in the tent stopped what they were doing and sang all of the words to this song...and performed all of the movements. You can learn this too. Just follow along with the video below.

Who the f*** is Alice was also a big hit...You can't make this stuff up folks.

So, after a few rounds...

The beer is only sold in 1 Liter glasses called die Maß. They are heavy as evidenced by the muscles in our server's arms! She let me lift them but I am not sure I could do this all night.

Don't drink too much though...This is the line to the girl's bathroom.

a good time...

was had by all...

If you want more information about attending Oktoberfest or Wies'n as it is called by the locals (literally means field), please visit Zurika with her post "Oktoberfest Answers you have been searching for or 25,000 drunks a day by Deutschland über Elvis.


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honeypiehorse said...

I love how the Germans sing 'Country Road'...