Sunday, December 13, 2009

Internet Radio

Since the loss of my beloved Pandora which doesn't work outside of the US, I have been searching for a suitable replacement. Many of the Internet Radio stations I am familiar with either don't work outside the US or just plain don't stream well.

I was recently directed to Blip from another blog and have been using this for the past few days. It is feeding me the much needed Christmas music life blood (yes - I will admit freely that I could happily listen to Xmas music all year long) that I need such as Linus and Lucy and Elvis Presley's rendition of Blue Christmas.

Cons: This site streams from everywhere including YouTube which can make the music very choppy. I try to avoid streaming from videos which you can check off as a setting once you set up your DJ account.

I also think the diversity of music is a little less than Pandora. They seem to have a pretty good mix with only 1 song that I couldn't find. Again, I have only been playing with this for a few days so your experience may be different.

There are other things that Blip enables you to do such as "giving props" to other DJ's. I don't totally understand these features and haven't really used them. If you use them, let me know what you think. I barely have time to update my blog much less "blip" or "give props."

What do you think of Blip? Are there other Internet Radio stations you use that you like?


Amber Liddle said...

I was so sorry to hear Pandora doesn't work out of the US! A friend in London was looking for a good online radio station, I'll have to tell her about Blip.

Sandy said...

Hmm, any chances to connect via vpn (ie. former university or company accounts) to your beloved Pandora? Or anyone living in the US who is willing to provide his/her machine as kind of a proxy or so?

Maybe you could even try iTunes' radio stations...

The Muehli's said...

I was pretty crushed when I found out Pandora didn't work here.

But I have an internet radio box from Noxon which I adore. Of course it's not portable though. Cost around €100. It pulls internet radio stations from all over the world. is one of the channels I can think of all the top of my head that has all sorts of music. If you're looking to play music over a computer this could work for you.

Tamara said...

Deezer! It works in France, and is like Pandora but WAAAY better. And it's free!