Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fahrradsport Wednesday - Snow

Well, yelli and I are still recovering from jetlag, so this will be quick.

But that's just as well, because Snow + Berlin = crappy bicycle conditions. When we got back, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. And given that most of the bike paths are bricks and cobblestone, needless to say, they have not been cleared. So there just ain't much to write about cycling right now, other than all that snow looks really sad on my bike downstairs in the courtyard (why didn't I bring it up into the apartment before I left!?!)

More next week after my schedule gets more or less back to normal.


cliff1976 said...

Bummer dude!

I was pleased to find that although it's cold and there has been some snow, it appears to have been cleared or plowed or dried up on its own, not hampering my commute in any way. :-/

Still, I think I'll work from home tomorrow anyway.

lettershometoyou said...

I've been meaning to get some photos done for a post on how to enjoy riding in the snow. Fat knobby tires help, as do the snow conditions. As long as it stays cold enough, the riding is OK. Around the freezing point when it all turns slushy and dirty - that's the worst.