Friday, January 8, 2010

Funny Foto Freitag

Like the Scientist said, we are still adjusting to the time zone and back to Berlin but I thought I would throw up a cute picture taken in the States.

Baby Bird did not know what to make of Santa Claus. It was a total A Christmas Story moment (but with no mean elves or slides) with Baby Bird freezing on his lap when Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas. When BB didn't say anything, Santa asked him "How about a nice train?" BB of course nodded enthusiastically.

I make light of this but Santa was actually a very nice and very good with the kids. Even Mrs. Claus was there to help things run smoothly.

They don't do the Santa sitting on the lap thing here in Germany and in my humble opinion, a lot of Germans resent Santa invading their cultural traditions which did NOT include Santa but St. Nicklaus on December 6th. More on that later...

Frohes Neues Jahr to everyone!!!

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