Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Foto Freitag

While we were in the Midwest over Christmas, it snowed. a lot. We had between 20-30 inches total (that is over 50 cm for my metric friendly readers!) In one day alone, we received over 18 inches! And it just kept coming and coming...

I happened to spot these palm trees looking a bit out of place but what were they doing there?

carwash decorations of course!

If you regularly read my blog (All 3 of you-Hi Mom!), you might think I really like car washes. Maybe I do?

Although I don't know anyone personally who owns a car wash, I would have to admit that they must be quite characters. Come on, have you ever seen a normal car wash? (WARNING: Clicking on link will be inside Pacific Northwest Joke that you will probably not get if you haven't visited/lived there)


honeypiehorse said...

Well, that just looks weird.

Claire said...

I totally agree with honeypiehorse!

天氣真好 said...
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