Monday, January 11, 2010

Our beloved Prez

Like many people all over the world, the Germans have a love affair with Obama. This was especially clear to me last year when his speech here in Berlin where the # of Germans far outweighed the # of excited Americans. They have gone as far as naming breaded chicken fingers after the poor guy.

Although they are normally reserved, I have had perfect strangers hear me speaking English or hear my lovely American accent while speaking German and immediately smile and say "Obama!" even if that is the only work they can utter auf Englisch.

This is taking it a little far though...even for Americans!

image taken from Der Spiegel

German producers have recently funded a new musical entitled "Hope." The premise? You guessed it - Obama! The cast of characters is all there-Obama, Mrs. Obama, John McCain...

image taken from Der Spiegel

and even Sarah Palin complete with her own scantily clad dancing troupe!

Too bad I don't live in Frankfurt! :(

Sometimes these posts just write themselves...


Amber Liddle said...

!!! That is amazing! I love Germans.

C N Heidelberg said...

Aw man, I want to go but Damon is horrified at the whole concept!