Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny Foto Freitag

One of the great things about living in Berlin is that almost every time I step outside my house, I encounter something strange, bizarre, and/or wonderful.

taken by a friend GP

This snowman Protest is in front of the Lustgarten. What are they protesting?

The sign says "We don't want to eat your shit!

They were protesting SPRING!!!!

ItalicI think this says "Don't just stare-do something!

Although I think some of them were confused.


Elisa, Croatia said...

ha,ha I love the snowmen..protesting against Spring! by the way I found your blog via Expat women

Snooker said...

I'm a bit jealous. I haven't made my way down there yet, although I would love to see it.

By the way, the protest was against global warming.

Here in Berlin, the snow sentinels may very well last until June.