Sunday, February 14, 2010


As you can see from the "creepy" (The Scientist's words-not mine) countdown on the right, I am currently 5 months pregnant. And yes, you read the title correctly....I will soon be outnumbered 3:1.

I am currently working part-time and even though I worked full time during my first pregnancy, I am, by far, more exhausted and sick than I ever was with Baby Bird. How in the world did I work full-time? (until I went into labor at work - more on that later) I will never remember! Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come after the birth.

One of the most frequent questions I have received lately is, "Are you flying back to the US to have your baby?" Really? People would actually fly back to the US to have their child? Besides all of the obvious concerns, how does one get insurance for multi-country pregnancy care?

Because I had a baby in the US and will have my 2nd in Germany, I feel I am in a unique position to talk about the pre-natal care differences between the US and Germany and hope to elaborate on the differences in the following weeks.

In the meantime, I will be eating Vanilla Roasted Pears (the smell alone is about to make me faint!) which the Scientist made me for Valentine's Day. Score major points for the hubby since I completely forgot about this holiday!


AstroYoga said...

I remember getting that question from relatives in the US when I was pregnant. I thought that was an odd question too! it's not like Germany is Saharan Africa in terms of access to high quality prenatal care.

Looking forward to your thoughts. I was so super impressed with the care in Germany. The stats on C-sections alone between friends who delivered here and in the US is astounding.

All in Christ said...


Congratulations on your pregnancy. I read about your decreasing energy and want to suggest that you read this article:

"If you are pregnant, or thinking about having a baby sometime in
the future, it's time to get a thyroid test. Whether or not your OB or doctor agrees with you is beside the point -- women need to push for critical thyroid tests to protect ourselves and our babies."

I have experienced something similar to what you have, and it was my thyroid that was out of whack.

I hope that may be helpful. God bless you.