Friday, February 5, 2010

Where to buy Unique items online

Being a busy working mother, I don't often have the time that my lovely single friends have to leisurely stroll through Berlin searching for the next hippest store which sells lovely unique items. Although I have found a toy store and a children's clothing store I absolutely love, most of what I encounter on a day-to-day basis are chain stores which will suffice but definitely take the fun out of shopping. (you can see where my priorities are!)

In the US, I was completely addicted to Etsy. Although I enjoyed a good romp around, Target when I got back to the States, nothing could compare to the adorable handmade items that I found for gifts myself on Etsy.

Due to import taxes and the Zollamt (Evil tax office on imported goods) office being so far away, I found out you could click on "advanced search" and find only items made in Germany. (or other EU countries which also don't make me go to the dreaded Zollamt). I don't mind using this function but I have also found another alternative.

Yet another adorable website which sells wonderful handmade crafts is called DaWanda. I guess you could think of it like the Etsy of Europe. For some reason, I can't figure out if they are related or not but they also sell adorable handmade items in a similar format. It seems as though it is limited to Germany, UK and France right now.

I have been using DaWanda in German but you can use it in English. However, some sellers only appear to have their items listed in English or in German. Being barely bi-lingual, I have searched in both languages. For example, searching for "luck mushrooms" only gives you 19 results but "Glückspilz" gives you a completely different 15 results! (Really only 15?) Also, when you search, at the very bottom, it will ask you if you want to see results in other languages. I always check all of the boxes.

The only biff I have with DaWanda is that I always have to set the search function to "All Products" instead of the default which is "Unique and limited Edition."

Otherwise, I have found some very cute items like these "Liebe Schweine" earrings for a love-themed kitsch party. (not for me but as a gift!) Or how about this wurst shaped neck pillow for long plane rides?

Besides, where else am I going to find Baby Bird this new shirt?

Do you have a favorite store, online or else?


Chris V said...

Congrats! And have you checked out Hug and Grow? It's new.

C N Heidelberg said...

Lucky you. Congratulations. :)

Amber Liddle said...

grosser bruder! congrats!

Adam said...


The ending of this post was not what I expected...


Yelli said...

Thank you everyone. Details will be forthcoming. :)

jen said...

YAY!!! Awesome. Congrats!

Megan D said...

I just randomly learned that Etsy is expanding into Europe and just opened a Berlin office. Let's see how they do against DaWanda. I'm hoping for more cool stuff.

...and congratulations. :-)