Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fahrradsport Wednesday - Tights

It's been a while since my last cycling post, and that's because a sheet of ice has covered Berlin for the last two months. Well, the ice is gone and I'm cycling again. I don't have tons of time, but I feel the need to procrastinate and a blog post will do nicely for the moment.

I bought some cycling tights while we were in the States over Xmas. A really nice pair of Pearl Izumi tights from REI. They have kept me warm on sub-zero days and kept me dry (and warm) on just-above-zero days with nasty drizzly rain. So far I'm quite impressed.

When I cycle to the lab, I'm usually the first one there and one of the last ones to leave, so no one really has had a chance to see me in my fancy new tights. Today, though, I had to pick up Baby Bird from kita and thus had to leave at 15:00. Well, let's just say that Germans apparently seem to be perfectly at ease with cat calling with exuberant vigor. Enough to make me blush.


cliff1976 said...

I just picked up some all-weather gear I intend for wet cycling to work. We found a sale in England. Spring clearances plus nice exchange rate (nicer than it has been anyway) = happy dry bike commuter.

For the record, I used to just show up wet or work from home on rainy days, but that's getting old.

Afferent Input said...

That's my point. I thought I looked a lot stupider showing up soaking wet. But apparently not.

Snooker said...

It's your awesome legs that got all of the attention. I think that if I had seen you, I would have been the loudest voice in the catcalling cacophony. ;) Damn boy!

Today's captcha was singularly fitting... jocksw

Afferent Input said...

Aww, thanks Snooker. I guess it's a little flattering, but it didn't change the fact that my face turned beet red.