Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Germany and the real girl...

While we don't use the slingbox as often as we like, we sat down a few weeks ago and saw a great movie called Lars and the Real Girl. Lars is a lonely man who decides to order a life-size plastic doll and pass it off as his real girlfriend.

Although the premise of the movie sounds utterly ridiculous, we noticed Rotten Tomatoes scored it positively at 81% so we decided, "what the heck-can't be that bad right?!"

It really was a wonderful movie and if you have an opportunity to see it, do it. now.

However, (stay with me folks) it got me thinking a lot about expat life in general. See, the premise isn't so far off from what I experience everyday. Strange person does something weird and the locals wonder how to socially interact with the strange person. In this case, Lars takes his blow up doll with him everywhere and treats her like a real person.

While I freely admit being an American in Berlin is nothing special and I am exaggerating for the purpose of an interesting post, I live in a very German neighborhood and most of the people I interact with on a daily basis, such as neighbors and BB's preschool parents, don't often interact with foreigners, especially ones with no German connections (such as a spouse or parent).

I was reminded of this when some new preschool kids joined BB's preschool. The parents were at first observing the other parents to see how they acted towards us. Since the other kita parents just treat us like any normal folk with occasional quirks (your son doesn't wear tights? but he must be cold!), the other new kita parents continued along the same lines until listening to me forever confusing my der's, dies, das's, den's and dem's become a normal part of their life.

Although I can be fairly certain that should I decide to start carrying a blow up doll around with me everywhere, even in Berlin, it might be a little more difficult to blend in but don't we all have a little bit of Lars in us?

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honeypiehorse said...

The hardest I ever laughed was while looking in my rearview mirror and watching an inflatable doll expand (on accident, I assume) in the passenger seat of truck behind me while the driver beat it down. I love the analogy with your own life.