Sunday, March 7, 2010

Skype drama cont...

And we are now working on day 10 or something of our phone problem. For background info, please see this post.

Skype has contacted us (1 week later) and told us our account was hacked. (Ehrlich?) Our history shows that over a period of 2 days, someone called multiple Taiwanese mobile phones over 100 times talking no more than 2 minutes and most less than that (very curious indeed). Our account is drained (although thankfully we didn't have that much) and we still can't use a service we are paying for since we have a subscription.

Now our account is blocked (AFTER THE FACT!) and with the great (snort) customer service we have received so far, I am expecting it to be fully functional in May 2017.

In addition, I am very skeptical about the circumstances. The Scientist and I are fairly tech-savvy. We can't figure out any way that the hackers got into our account and changed our email. Our password was not 12345, we can't find any viruses, spyware etc. on any of our computers and we are very careful about clicking on weird links or responding to 419 scams for Uncle Herbert's lost money (god bless him). That being said, obviously, we may be at fault here but the amount of videos on youtube that can tell you how to hack a password, the sheer amount of people complaining on skype's owns forums and the knowledge that it takes weeks, if not months to get any reply from customer service, it should be obvious to any user to use at your own risk. IMHO, this is a back-end job.

I have to admit, we were very happy with the service before all of this happened. If you pay to use skype and don't want to get rid of it, I HIGHLY recommend stopping auto-recharge. We are thanking our lucky lucky stars right now that I didn't have auto-recharge. I would be out for probably 100's of euros instead of around ~20.

ok. rant over.

You have been warned...


cliff1976 said...

Is there a chance that your skype password is (was?) identical to a password you've used with the same username at another online-service?

Perhaps that other online-service got hacked, and the hackers tried your username and password at gmail, facebook, flickr, linkedin, delicious, iTunes, etc....and struck gold at skype, which was had monetary benefit for them.

Is it in the realm of possibility?

Yelli said...

Curse you and your logic too! Sure, anything is possible and I wrote that. However, If I sound angry and frustrated, I am. I haven't even written the full story where a moderator on the skype forum told us "we are wasting his time" or the fact that I got an original email a few hours after I wrote the subject line: "hacked account" telling me that my email was changed and that I needed to give them more information which I had already supplied and was still on the bottom of the email that skype sent to me!

cliff1976 said...

I only asked because that happened to my dad recently…he had a bad habit of using the same password for all kinds of different online services (despite sagely advice from #1 Son), and we realized it had finally bitten him the butt when his gmail account suddenly started spamming everyone in his Google Contacts.

You hear all the time about government agencies and credit card companies sheepishly admitting they lost millions of records of personal data. I wonder if that leads to crime like what you experienced.

Expats Again said...

Thanks for the heads up. Sorry to hear Skype has such crappy customer service. I'm passing this along.

So Smrt said...

Just catching up after not reading for a while...congrats, on the cyber baby (which I assume is impersonating the real bun in the oven?)!

And this picture reminds me of one I took in Kenya that said something like, "Beware, Crocodiles on Trail"...and we still went for a walk!