Thursday, April 22, 2010

Funny Foto Freitag

The Harz Mountain Region had witches EVERYWHERE! We were quite confused until we saw signs advertising the upcoming Walpurgis Nacht (April 29-May 1). Think "Night on Bald Mountain" to get an idea of what this holiday is all about... (I love the dancing fire ballerinas at 3:40)

Given the proximity of the Brocken Mountain, it was no surprise that there were witches in every shape and form.

We stumbled upon many witch-themed things from potholders to keychains to dolls.

However, the best was below. Walpurgis Night fans can drink to their hearts content with a local Harz Mountain liquor they have called Geile Hexe. Don't know what Geile means?

I think you can figure it out from the bottle picture....

Happy Foto Freitag!