Thursday, May 13, 2010

American Week

One of the fun things about living in Germany is that many of the major grocery stores regularly sponsor "themed-food" weeks, namely Aldi and Lidl. For example, Greek week often features feta, British week has cheddar cheese, & Indian week sells pre-made samosas...all at good prices.

Of course, these are less of what we think of as authentic food and more often what Germans think Country A eats (with much hilarity I might add.)

Now it is our turn.

Starting May 20th, Lidl is celebrating American week! There will be many favorites and more than a few surprises.

Peanut Butter (of course)


Doritos for only .99€ (Yuk but the Scientist seems excited)(Edit: The Scientist informed me that what I interpreted as his look of excitement was his mixed look of surprise & disgust)

Amerikanos which I think are cornflake-crusted chicken nuggets and curry dipping sauce. ummm...okay...

American Pasta Dream™ including BBQ noodles (egads!)

Yogurt...seems pretty normal until you look carefully at the flavors. Caramel-popcorn flavored yogurt? Discuss amongst yourselves.

At the very least, I guess you could choke it down with some nice California Petite Sirah for only 5.99€.

Happy American week! I know how I will be celebrating!


cliff1976 said...

"Hmm, what's the best-sounding American name you can think of? 'Kennedy?' Good, but that would be a bit too obvious, wouldn't it? What are some variations on that theme? Some kind of wacky-originally-English-or-whatever-prefix, preferably symbolizing value and frugality. Maybe even linked to ready-to-eat-food. How about 'Mc?' Ooh ooh ooh Mick...Ennedy — yes! No one will know why they suddenly feel like driving up to a jelly donut or getting a hot, pouty birthday serenade!"

Side note: the captcha here was "soppin".

Yelli said...

ROFL! I was so busy staring at the yogurt combos (cran and choco?), I failed to even pick up on the brand name of all of the items!

Amber Liddle said...

When we visited friends they bought us some "american" food--the one I remember best is the "big ham american sandwich bread" which was nothing more than wonder bread. But yay on the peanut butter!! I wouldn't be able to live without my pb&js!

Expats Again said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I could go for the peanut butter, wine, and marshmallows; not together, of course :-)

Yelli said...

@Amber-PB is actually not as uncommon as it used to be. I found really excellent Dutch PB at the Asian store for some reason. but "Big Ham sandwich bread"? LOL!!!

@Expats - Pick up those and also let us know what the BBQ pasta tastes like. :)

The Muehli's said...

I am always amazed at what they come up with as "American" over here. Caramel-flavored popcorn yogurt does take the cake though...that is real special right there. Ick.