Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ein Auge lacht, das andere Auge weint...

We are not on vacation in this picture...

As the life of expats go, we have now returned to the Motherland.

I mean where else could we have found an entire plate of fried stuff as big as Igel's head?? (We also got a cornbread muffin on the side that was also as big as his head but I was so in shock, I forgot to take a picture...)

We have settled somewhere in Southern California for a job that was "too good to pass up." We weren't planning on moving so quickly but that was that and here we are.

I was never one to pine away for the beaches and warm weather of So Cali. But now that we are here, I have a growing appreciation for the warm, perfect weather almost everyday. And the beaches? How did I live without beaches?

Christmas Day on the Beach-don't be jealous :)

But know that my heart is still far away in Berlin sometimes.

a little reminder everyday of our time in Berlin-just don't think it looks this clean all the time.

I am a changed person- one foot in America and one in Germany. I must admit this seems hard to believe, even for me. I mean, I lived in the good ole USA for 30ish years. But I think only those who have lived away for some time, can know just how easily we, as humans, can adapt to our new surroundings... (Speaking of which, I don't make fun of my Midwestern-born aunt who now lives in TX when she says y'all...anymore)

I believe the Germans say it best "Ein Auge lacht, das andere Auge weint..." I am sad and happy at the same time. I am crying and laughing at the same time. I am living in my Motherland which sometimes feels quite foreign to me.

I hope to have more time to write about our adventures as an ex-expat now.

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland...and I mean that.

P.S. You can find me on Twitter if you do that sort of thing. But I don't have a fancy schmancy Smart Phone so don't expect every minute updates. So Cali hasn't gotten to me quite yet... :)


Adam said...

When were you planning on telling me that you had moved from Berlin?!


AstroYoga said...

Hey, I know that beach!!! and dude, I am totally jealous. We were there (literally) in December, and my heart aches for SoCal.... it has always ached since I left. it is a good place to be. I hope you find a good heart connection there too.

If you need to find a good Yoga teacher in the area, I can recommend and AMAZING one.

ReluctantYankee said...

Hmmm..those pics look familiar :) I grew up near Dana Point, San Clemente...
Where did you guys end up? :)