Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuffed Squash

{{dusts off blog}}

{{cough cough}}

I am here. Alive and well. Although many of you already know this, I have a big announcement but will wait until I feel like blogging about it. Until then, I leave you with my favorite subject: FOOD.

I simply love this recipe. It is so flexible that I have cooked it in many countries. Kids as well as adults gobble it down. It can be as spicy or mild as you want. Leave the meat out if you want an amazing vegetarian main dish. You can make it ahead & leave it in the fridge overnight. Just remember to bring it to room temperature before you cook it. I don't know where I found this recipe but I found it scribbled in my personal recipe binder with no credit.

Stuffed Squash
Guten Appetit!!!!!


lettershometoyou said...

Whoa! Got somem of that dust in my eyes. :-)
So this announcement..before or after Christmas? With kids you know how hard it is to have to wait.

I missed your cheerful faces in Cologne this year. One day when I get caught up I might even blog about it!

christina said...

That looks delicious! I have a small butternut squash that's been hanging around in my kitchen for weeks begging me to do something with it.

P.S. Big announcement?? Oooh, tell us!

AstroYoga said...

welcome back! I have only heard about you from Sarah (Regensblogerin) lately. It would be nice to read about your life here again :-)

Yelli said...

Thanks everyone but like I said, I think you already know the news....I just haven't announced in on my blog.

I had 2 wonderful nights of sleep when I published this & now we are back again to a few hours of sleep here and there.

I have learned my lesson in publishing while exhausted. I made so many grammatical errors and entitled the blog post so wrong, I think most of you worried about my sanity. :)